A.R.Buonaguro & Associates analyzes questions of law using an integrated approach that can provide much more than answers to individual standard legal questions. The range of the firm’s legal expertise is very broad and deep, allowing it to evaluate how the ramifications of a particular problem affect the client’s business as a whole and lay out the many elements of an overall solution in proper sequence.

Firm expertise encompasses the following main areas, among others:

· Litigation, and negotiation of solutions to disputes short of litigation. 
· Insurance regulation (life, health, p&c and reinsurance)
· Securities
· Corporate finance
· Mergers & acquisitions
· E-commerce
· Workouts, insolvency and bankruptcy
. Construction, including heavy industrial and community association matters
· Energy
· Employment matters
· Corporate governance
· International matters
· Government affairs.

Having experienced first hand the business pressures that face the CEO, General Counsel and board member, the firm knows the kind of high quality legal services senior management needs and what they should expect their legal counsel to deliver. Its expertise can create successful offensive and defensive legal solutions as integral parts of senior management’s overall business plan.

The firm's efforts are not limited only to times of company stability. In fact, the firm has extensive experience in situations that involve erupting crises -- when business planning must be done “on the fly” based on very limited information and when a lawyer’s instincts and strategic skills matter the most. In the past, for example, Mr. Buonaguro has played a leading role in saving a company whose lofty IPO expectations were dashed by a sudden drop in the stock market and a national organization that faced huge defense costs as the target of looming multibillion dollar litigation. These are the times when our firm can deliver the highest client value.

When you need solutions to complex legal problems, please call A.R. Buonaguro & Associates.