A.R.Buonaguro & Assocates also can assist in resolving complex business strategy problems that have legal dimensions, especially for organizations in transition. The firm can be an effective advisor because it can draw on personal experience in senior management. The firm knows the territory, having shared the same policymaking responsibility for strategic and tactical planning, operations, product development, marketing, finance, human resources, legal administration, and board and external relations as its clients have.

The firm can perform the following functions for your business, among others:

· Act as interim management (such as General Counsel) on site or serve as independent Board member
· Resolve disputes without litigation in court (including by acting as neutral or party-appointed arbitrator)
· Act as expert witness
· Introduce foreign enterprises to techniques for doing business in the U.S.
· Create an in-house legal or government affairs function
· Integrate that new function into the overall business plan
· Evaluate key legal personnel
· Assist with sources of possible financing
· Serve as liaison to the political and regulatory communities
· Lead long term project teams
· Manage “bet your company” crises
· Create legal compliance programs
· Train senior managers in these subjects.

If you need experienced practical judgment to solve pressing business strategy problems that have important legal elements, please contact A.R.Buonaguro & Associates.